How to Recognize a Genuine GORE® Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800)

Starting in March, GORE Universal Pipe Gaskets will be made with printing on each item for easy identification.

Every standard GORE Universal Pipe Gasket based on ASME and EN dimensions will be printed with:

  • "GORE" brand name, and "UPG S800" product name
  • Size and classification, e.g., NPS 2 CL150, DN50 PN10
  • Standard used as basis for dimensions:  ASME, EN

These markings will help you identify the genuine Gore product, as well as verify that the standard, size and classification of the gasket are correct for your application.

This printing is provided as an improvement to our standard product. You do not need to do anything different to receive it.

Over an initial transition period, your shelves may contain a mix of boxes of printed gaskets and boxes of unprinted gaskets as the new versions are phased in.  Be assured that whether printed or unprinted, these are exactly the same high quality, high performing product and are 100% interchangeable.

These pictures show examples of how the printing will appear on different sizes of GORE Universal Pipe Gaskets.

Large UPG
Medium UPG
Small UPG