For more than 65 years, Gore has created products that make a meaningful difference in the world. We are proud of these life-improving innovations, yet our success is about more than what we create — it’s also how we do it. We strive to embody our principles and uphold our legacy of high ethics and integrity in our daily work and interactions. This includes a commitment to individual accountability, fairness, environmental stewardship and sound global business practices.

Associates' Standards of Ethical Conduct

At Gore, our global reputation and financial success are a direct result of the strong values that are the foundation of our company's culture. Because the individual conduct of every Gore Associate can have a profound impact on our company, we must live up to these values, acting responsibly, with integrity and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which Gore does business.

Our Standards of Ethical Conduct is a summary document that explains Gore's policies and procedures and guides us in conducting our business with integrity, legally and ethically. All Gore Associates have received a copy of these standards in their native languages and have undergone training in applying them during the course of business activities. Complying with the legal and ethical issues addressed in this document is a condition of employment with Gore.

The document also sets the standards to which we hold agents, consultants, distributors and other third parties who represent us or our products worldwide. Meeting these standards is a contractual obligation.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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At Gore, every individual matters. We want each Associate to experience the inclusion promised in our fundamental beliefs and guiding principles, regardless of their age, abilities, disabilities, gender identity, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other personal identifier that is important to every individual human being.

Diversity and inclusion are critical ingredients for sustaining an engaging working environment. Our enterprise is stronger when we include diverse backgrounds, talents and viewpoints; recognize each other’s unique contributions; and bring our knowledge together across the enterprise to make smart business decisions — truly making our whole more than the sum of our parts. 

Our Associates are what differentiate Gore as an enterprise. Diverse perspectives, talents and experiences have fueled us for over 65 years, and they will propel us forward as a successful enterprise where all Associates are able to do their best work each and every day.

Associate Networks

Our Associate networks are self-organized groups that drive networking, development, education and outreach initiatives. Current Associate networks in Gore’s global workplaces include groups such as: African-American, Asian-Pacific Alliance, Grassroots Sustainability, Latino-Hispanic, Gore’s Pride Alliance, Kaleidoscope, Native American and Indigenous, Global Representation of Women, Strong Working Abilities, Veterans, and Silver Revolution to name a few. These networks encourage learning and exploring a variety of cultures, generations, genders, nationalities and support one another in creating connections and can be a mechanism for maintaining healthy work-life balance.

Diversity Awareness

We offer resources so all Associates have the opportunity to grow and lead challenging and rewarding careers at Gore, such as:

  • orientation to learn about our culture and values
  • sponsors to help with growth and development
  • diversity-related development programs

Work/Life Benefits

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In addition to diversity in the workplace, Gore recognizes our Associates’ diverse needs at home. We provide tools and resources to allow flexibility in balancing work/life needs, including:

  • internal training, continuous learning and external education
  • adoption assistance
  • flexible work hours and hybrid and remote working arrangements, dependent upon role

Valuing our Associates has been a Gore hallmark since its founding. When we honor the diverse perspectives, backgrounds and needs of our Associates, we enable them to truly thrive at Gore. And when our Associates thrive, so does Gore.

Sustainability: Our Approach

Our focus on sustainability is an expression of our promise — Together, improving life — and our long-established principles and commitment to Associates, customers and communities.

As a company and as individuals, we strive to achieve a positive economic and societal impact while being environmentally and socially responsible.

We use our materials science expertise to create products that improve the quality of life and address sustainability challenges for generations to come. We believe that one of the greatest contributions we can make to sustainability is through innovations that have a positive impact on human health as well as the planet.

Social Responsibility

Our principle of fairness, which emphasizes “striving to be fair with each other and everyone with whom we do business,” underscores how our values extend outside our organization — to our communities, our customers and everyone in our supply chain.

This commitment to acting fairly and with integrity is at the heart of social responsibility. We are accountable for the impact of our business operations and our interactions with our Associates, customers, communities, supply chain partners and their employees, regulators, civil society organizations and others.

Social responsibility is a broad theme, encompassing various programs and initiatives, such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, supply chain due diligence, supplier diversity, community giving and ethics & compliance. They all contribute to making Gore a good corporate citizen.

View all of our policies and statements.

Environmental Responsibility

We apply our deep scientific knowledge and passion for innovation to address urgent sustainability challenges. This includes products that solve difficult environmental problems — from fuel cell membranes to filtration technologies to compost cover systems.

We strive to be good stewards of air, water, and energy resources and in our management of waste. Measurable environmental, health and safety objectives are set by leadership, reviewed and revised as needed to reflect current conditions and set the direction for the future.

We set a formal goal to reduce our absolute facility-related carbon emissions by 60 percent no later than 2030, and we will work toward carbon neutrality by 2050. These ambitious goals are guided by scientific evidence and consistent with the Paris Agreement and guidance from international experts that we must all strive to reduce carbon emissions to ensure the planet does not warm more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

As our planet faces societal and environmental challenges, we take seriously our responsibility to apply our unique expertise to create sustainable solutions that benefit generations to come.

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Carbon Update 2020

Policies / Statements

Materials Stewardship

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Gore develops high performing products that meet or exceed the applicable environmental and safety standards in the regions where our products are sold. We are committed to innovation and seek continuous improvement in our products to meet the needs of our customers and end-users, and also to comply with the appropriate industry standards. We follow the developing science, do our own extensive internal testing and invest in independent research to produce and deliver products of high societal value in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

Learn more about Gore's commitment to materials stewardship.