Product categories

Consumer Products

The Gore family of consumer products, including our revolutionary GORE‑TEX Fabric, is designed to provide superior performance in a wide range of applications.

Cables & Cable Assemblies

Proven to withstand the harshest environments of aerospace, land, automation and energy applications, Gore delivers solutions that have been relied on and trusted for decades.

Electronic Components & Electrochemical Materials

Electronics are the building blocks of the modern world. Gore supports electronics manufacturers with components built to protect signal integrity, and fuel cell components that generate zero-emission power.

Electronic Components & Electrochemical Materials Subcategories


Thin, lightweight, durable Gore membranes provide the keys to the performance of Gore fabrics.


GORE® Fibers are designed to maintain their properties when exposed to chemicals, UV, extreme temperatures, and other extreme environments thereby helping industrial, marine and other products weather almost any environment, including the rigors of space.


Protect people, protect the environment, protect the product — in manufacturing, controlling contamination is a must. Gore provides reliable air, gas, liquid and particle filtration solutions that purify processes, increase yields and control costs.


Providing and supporting creative therapeutic solutions and advanced medical devices to address complex healthcare challenges.

Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical

Rigorously compliant to meet the changing needs of our global customers, Gore’s solutions for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers include a suite of efficient, technology-driven products for single- and multi-use applications.


Gore’s reliable sealing solutions maintain their integrity in the most challenging environments by providing surface protection & resistance to aviation fluids in aerospace applications and withstanding aggressive media in chemical processing.


GORE® Vents manage the internal pressure in mobile and outdoor electronics enclosures, packaging, and automotive components - supporting long service life, increasing reliability, and preventing deformations that could cause component failure.