Thin, lightweight, durable Gore membranes provide the keys to the performance of Gore fabrics. Gore combines these very uniform barriers with contamination-resistant coatings. The resulting composites may be tailored to achieve varying degrees of windproofness, resistance to penetration by liquids, and moisture vapor permeability or “breathability.”

GORE-TEX Fabrics

Gore fabric technologies have revolutionised the performance of fabrics by controlling porosity through unique microstructures. Membrane technologies and advanced polymers and materials have been developed to meet specific performance criteria for outdoor activities as well as occupational and industrial uses.

Gore complements its expertise in membrane technology with in-depth knowledge of fabric performance and polymer technology. Ongoing field and laboratory tests -- combined with the development of advanced adhesives, coatings, fabric finishes and seam-sealing materials -- ensure durable, high-performance garments and footwear.

In outerwear, unprecedented end-user warranty and manufacturers' licensing programmes for products made with GORE-TEX fabric have set the standard for durably liquidproof, breathable garments, footwear, and accessories available.

GORE-TEX® Fabrics offer exceptional strength, abrasion resistance and toughness as compared to other synthetic fibres, including other PTFE fibres.

They are ideal for a wide variety of applications and industries, including the following:

  • protective outerwear

  • military, safety, and protective services gear

  • aerospace

  • electronic

  • geotextiles

  • marine

  • transportation applications

  • frictional bearing surfaces

  • industrial equipment covers

  • transition pieces for bulk powder handling

  • wire harnesses

  • electrical cable insulation and/or spacing

GORE® Cover For Organic Waste Treatment


GORE® Cover, the fully integrated composting solution for the treatment of organic waste. Recognised as the leader for in-vessel composting worldwide, GORE® Cover is cost efficient to install and operate while providing optimised process control for producing consistent high quality compost and effectively controlling odours and emissions.


The unique design flexibility of GORE® Cover means that it is capable of processing a variety of input materials be it green waste, food waste, source separated organics, biosolids or MSW and for input volumes from as little as 2,000 tons to greater than 200,000 tons per year.


GORE® Cover is approved and proven in more that 150 composting plants in more than 20 countries. GORE® Cover meets the strictest of regulatory requirements worldwide. Facilities using GORE® Cover are fully comparable with established technologies – without the need for expensive buildings and bio-filtering installations.

GORE® Cover For Organic Waste Treatment

GORE® Workwear

Why choose GORE® Workwear?

Work clothes must protect the wearer against the most varied weather conditions and assist the wearer’s performance. This is especially true for activities that take place completely or partly outdoors. In this case it is important to combine optimum protection against foul weather, with the wearing comfort needed for the work activity concerned. In addition to this, work clothes must be robust enough to adequately withstand stress in any given activity. Protection goes beyond pure weatherproofness. Depending on the end use, outdoor protective clothing must also offer reliable protection from various hazards in the workplace such as:

  • contact with heat and flames
  • hazard due to electrostatic charging
  • risk due to thermal effects of an electric arc
  • lack of visibility

GORE® Military Fabrics

Building on the tradition of waterproof, windproof, and breathable GORE-TEX fabric, GORE® Military Fabrics continue to play a vital role in the production of best-in-class protective clothing products that military personnel have come to trust for more than 25 years.

Branches of the the U.S. military can benefit from the knowledge of innovative scientists, engineers, and product experts who are committed to understanding the evolving functional needs of the warfighter in harsh and demanding environments around the world. With enhanced capabilities to engineer fast-drying, extremely packable, and lighter weight garment systems, GORE® Military Fabrics will strive so warfighters focus more on their mission and less on the weather.

We will continue to support improving mission effectiveness by engineering a broad range of protective fabric technologies that offer distinct capabilities, such as advanced weather protection, flame resistance, and signature reduction.

Fire & Rescue

Structural firefighters and rescue teams need excellent service uniforms to protect against different threats to their safety.

Structural firefighters, paramedics, or military personnel face a wide variety of risks when deployed. Besides the dangers of heat and flame, they are sometimes exposed to water, steam, chemicals, contaminated liquids, blood and other body fluids. The physical exertion and heat can affect concentration and lead to exhaustion and accidents. Selecting the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial to eliminate or manage these risks.

Gore uses special tools to analyse the precise needs of each user group. The company’s experts then develop different solutions to fit each one. The GORE-TEX® and CROSSTECH® membranes are incorporated into various laminate constructions to make garments, gloves and boots that are customised for the end user. This gives clothing a range of special properties.


Law enforcement officers have a very wide range of clothing needs.

Uniforms are an inherent part of police work. A distinct uniform look with user-specific protection is vital, as is a recognisable look in the street no matter which jacket, trouser or shoe you wear. Same fabric, same colour, but different technologies.

Gore’s functional fabrics and textile technologies for the police have been engineered after careful analysis of end-user needs. With Gore products, different police units are able to carry out their work without stress, whatever the task and whatever the weather.