Cables can be an essential component, even a lifeline, to electronic systems. If a cable goes down, the entire system can fail.

With four critical factors impacting their performance — mechanical, electrical, environmental and application-specific — manufacturers have to make sure cables can survive severe conditions and perform reliably over the system's lifespan. Whether they’re used in systems operating on land, underground, in the ocean, air or space, cables must be built to last.

Gore's cables and cable assemblies in durable, compact and flexible designs help to ensure the safety and success of every flight, mission, exploration, extraction, and production.

As applications have evolved, so have our engineering capabilities. In 1958, Gore began prototyping designs of fluorocarbon-insulated wires and ribbon cables for use in space vehicles, ground control equipment, and military aircraft. Today, we combine our deep expertise in polymer materials technology with our extensive knowledge of signal integrity to provide high-performance solutions for commercial airliners, oil well drilling equipment, semiconductors and more.

The Technology Behind the Cables

In even the toughest environments, our cables stay strong. That’s because we engineer them to have optimal characteristics like small size, low weight and outstanding strength.

When designing a cable system, manufacturers can choose from a variety of materials, including:

  • ePTFE
  • polyurethane
  • polyethylene
  • polyimide
  • fluoropolymers

While each material has its benefits, it can falter in certain applications. As an example, polyimide can withstand a wide range of temperatures, but it doesn’t perform well in environments where water is present. The wrong material makeup can have catastrophic consequences.

What sets Gore cables apart is our proprietary technologies. We engineer fluoropolymers to be capable of withstanding a wide variety of environmental and mechanical challenges — maximising benefits while eliminating risks. For instance, if abrasion or cutting-through is a risk, we can engineer fluoropolymers to have a tensile strength 50 times greater than standard PTFE. Or, in the case of extreme temperatures, we can engineer fluoropolymers to withstand temperatures up to 300°C.

Most important: We can enhance these attributes while maintaining the other favorable properties of PTFE like low coefficient of friction, chemical resistance and low outgassing.

The result is reliability, but we go beyond that. After manufacturing, we test all of our cables for environmental, mechanical, electrical and application-specific readiness to ensure they perform flawlessly in the real world. System success depends on it.

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Whether supplying power to space stations or transmitting critical data to aircraft and spacecraft, Gore's products are engineered to perform without failure despite the environment. By combining our innovative materials and dielectric expertise, we offer a wide variety of low-profile copper and fiber solutions that withstand a broad spectrum of challenges. Like the shock and vibration of flight, space temperatures from -200°C to +200°C, and tight bending during installation.

Our solutions ensure power and signal transmission are delivered fast and reliably with low loss for the duration of your system. Proven products like GORE® Aerospace Ethernet Cables and GORE-FLIGHT™ Microwave Assemblies continue to win awards for product and system-level innovations.

Webinar:  The Paradox of coaxial cable performance and its impact on Operational Readiness

Land Systems

It's the cable's job to supply power to electronics and send real-time Intel to our soldiers no matter the conditions on land. Cable durability is a key factor, and Gore manufactures a broad selection of small-scale solutions in fiber and copper that provide armored protection while delivering stable electrical performance. Extreme heat up to 200°C, arctic temperatures down to -65°C, muddy conditions, and complex routing are examples that won't penetrate, scrape or cut through our uniquely engineered materials.

This unmatched level of durability coupled with fast, long-lasting power and signal transmission is why the military has continued to trust our products to maintain secure communications on the battlefield.

Soldier Wearing Headset Near Arctic Mountains
DJI Phantom 4 Drone in Desert.

Semiconductor & Microelectronics

Gore works closely with equipment manufacturers to understand and solve cleanness and durability challenges while enabling them to develop next-generation systems.

We provide clean cable solutions that ensure reliable signal transmission in high vacuum and cleanroom environments. Our ultra-clean and high flex cables meet the most stringent requirements in EUV lithography systems. Certified to ISO Class 1, our trackless high flex cables for motion control systems are proven to solve problems with particulation and electrostatic discharge (ESD). For semiconductor and chip test systems, our durable microwave/RF assemblies are proven to deliver extremely accurate, repeatable measurements, plus design flexibility with a wide range of connectors.

Test & Measurement

Test & Measurement Video

Electronic systems, like those aboard aircraft and in 5G communications, must be thoroughly tested and measured to ensure their performance in use. Constantly moving, flexing and mating test assemblies can compromise the equipment’s signal quality and measurement precision. You can’t trust the performance if you can’t trust the test.

Gore offers a full range of high-flex microwave/RF test assemblies that deliver precise and repeatable measurements with enhanced phase and amplitude stability from DC to 110 GHz. Our rugged assemblies with robust connector options are proven to perform reliably now and over time for less equipment downtime and lower costs to run tests in laboratory, production, and field environments. Most importantly, our assemblies connected to your equipment ensure you can always trust the results!

Industrial Automation / Harsh Environments

Oil & GasFrom oil and gas downhole drilling, processing natural resources, and marine geophysical exploration to cleanrooms, Gore’s products are built specifically to withstand extreme environments while meeting strict industry requirements and regulations. Whatever the environment — high pressure, high temperature, continuous flexing, deep water — we deliver durable solutions that function accurately, reliably and efficiently over the system’s lifecycle. Our products help manufacturers optimize their processes and improve tool/equipment reliability for fewer failures and costly delays.

We continue to combine industry expertise with advanced technical capability to develop leading-edge products. Like our award-winning GORE™ High Temperature Capacitors for power electronics in oil and gas downhole tools and GORE® Trackless High Flex Cables for moving cleanroom cable systems.

Computing / Networking

Gore meets the industry’s ever-growing need for customized cables that provide high data rate performance in computing, networking and laboratory environments. With a small yet durable construction, our high-speed twinax cables deliver exceptional electrical and mechanical performance, including applications that operate in extreme temperatures.