GORE® Aerospace Cables and Materials are engineered specifically to withstand broad temperature ranges, exposure to abrasion and wear, repeated mechanical stress, high voltages, and liquid contaminants such as beverages, fuels, and lubricants. Whether you need high-performance cables, in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC), or aerospace materials for increased throughput and aircraft availability, you can be confident that our products deliver long-lasting, reliable performance over the life of the aircraft.

Cables that Deliver Faster IFEC

Aboard today's commercial aircraft, passengers expect constant and reliable Internet access on their portable electronic devices regardless of flight time. So, design engineers are integrating sophisticated electronics into almost every system in the aircraft to allow passengers to stream movies, play games, surf the Internet and conduct business online. Therefore, cables need to transfer data faster while being smaller and lighter weight to fit into existing spaces, decrease the weight of the aircraft, and increase fuel efficiency. In fact, industry experts estimate that each kilogram of additional weight on the aircraft can increase operating costs by thousands of dollars.

GORE® Aerospace High Speed Data Cables deliver outstanding signal integrity for high-speed data transmission over longer distances while meeting new and standard protocols such as Ethernet Cat5e and Cat6a, USB 3.1, HDMI 2.0, fibre optics, and more. And, GORE® EMI Shielding Solutions (U.S. site) reliably protect co-existing cable systems from electromagnetic interference while transferring data.

Cables Built for Durability and Reliability

From the cockpit to the tail, our cables are designed to maintain signal integrity despite the mechanical stresses of vibration, acceleration loads, installation and maintenance. Their durable construction ensures high electrical and mechanical performance in challenging aerospace environments — including reliable signal distribution in the cabin and the cockpit during flight.

Gore’s innovative fluoropolymer technologies deliver cables and materials that are significantly smaller and more lightweight without compromising electrical and mechanical performance. In fact, we have products that are up to 60% lighter compared to alternative products which make them easier to install in tight spaces of an aircraft and helps increase fuel efficiency.

Proven Materials to Optimise Production

With the rapid growth in travel, production levels are expected to increase significantly over the next decade. Today, major manufacturers like Airbus rely on Gore materials to address the company’s needs for faster manufacturing processes and increased aircraft availability.

Just as essential, materials need to keep seals tight and in place, despite compression over time. They also need to protect against exposure to harsh contaminants, chemically-aggressive aircraft fluids, and extreme temperatures to reduce maintenance and downtime.

Proven by more than 20 years of successful applications, GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials (U.S. site) are specified by leading civil aircraft OEMs and solve many challenges such as sealing, abrasion, corrosion, and gap filling. These tapes and gaskets can also withstand a wide range of temperatures. Our lightweight, no-cure materials are often used as an alternative to Form-In-Place (FIP) seals because they simplify aircraft assembly with seals that can withstand multiple open-close cycles for reduced life-cycle costs.

What’s Next in the Civil Aerospace Industry?

Consumers already expect to have reliable Internet access aboard a plane, and that expectation will continue to grow. While sophisticated seat-back computers offering a huge variety of movies are already available on commercial flights, powerful wireless setups will soon stream content directly to passengers’ smartphones or tablets, and even more futuristic areas of entertainment are currently being explored, like 3D and virtual reality systems.

These systems and expectations hinge on consistent end-to-end connectivity, and that's what Gore cabling and shielding solutions provide. Our products like GORE® Shielded Twisted Pair Cables (U.S. site), GORE® Ethernet Cables (U.S. site) and GORE® Aerospace Fiber Optic Cables (U.S. site) deliver excellent signal reliability in lightweight, easy-to-install cables, while GORE® EMI Shielding Materials (U.S. site) protect coexisting cabling systems from interference.

Additionally, there's a “green” trend emerging: electrification and alternative zero-emission aircraft powered by onboard batteries and even solar energy. With Gore's technological capabilities and lightweight products, we're excited and prepared to support the evolution toward a commercial electric aircraft.

A History of Aerospace Solutions

Gore has partnered with the civil aircraft industry since 1965, dating back to the first commercial aircraft with a jet drive. The Douglas DC-9 was an early predecessor of the Boeing 717 and featured a unique disappearing staircase. Gore MULTI-TET ribbon cable was chosen for the wiring because of its flexibility, insulation and robustness against friction.

Today, major global players — along with regional aircraft manufacturers — rely on Gore products for their electrical and mechanical integrity. Collaborating closely with our customers and their design teams help us to identify their unmet needs and develop the right products for each application.

Our partnership with Airbus dates back more than two decades when the first generation of GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials (U.S. site) was used on the Airbus A320 and A330/340 aircraft. Those same materials were then incorporated into the cargo areas of Boeing’s narrow-body liner 737. 

Gore’s newest customer is the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), which will build Gore’s tapes and gaskets into their first short-medium range commercial trunk liner C919.

Passengers continue to expect faster and reliable Internet access aboard a plane. Sophisticated seat-back computers already offer passengers a wide variety of movies, but powerful wireless setups will soon stream content directly to their smartphones or tablets. And, more advanced entertainment is currently being explored, like 3D and virtual reality systems. 

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