Life Sciences

Improving lives is paramount. Gore helps life sciences leaders focus on patient safety whilst controlling costs by developing life-saving medical devices, reliable component parts and high-performance products for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical applications with an unwavering focus on quality and performance.

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The life sciences industry is large and multifaceted with one overarching objective: to improve the standard of living through healthcare solutions.


With this goal comes the need to meet high standards. Entrusted to develop safe and effective medications, medical devices and other treatments at a reasonable cost, companies in the life sciences industry must meet a stringent set of regulations, whilst developing therapies or intricate medical devices that are increasingly expensive and complicated to design and make.

In this heavily regulated competitive landscape, manufacturers and healthcare providers need products and partners they can trust.

Gore helps our life sciences partners meet their challenges so they can improve quality of life for their patients and customers. Our products and process components include:

  • medical devices for vascular repair and tissue deficiencies
  • components for medical device manufacturers’ acoustic protection, venting and filtration needs
  • single and multi-use products for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical drug development and processing

Our work in the life sciences industry takes many forms: Devices such as hernia meshes helping patients heal quickly; peristaltic pump tubing protecting valuable drug product from process upsets; chromatography columns for rapid screening; filtration membranes for greater processing efficiency. Throughout our partnerships, we collaborate with manufacturers and the medical community to design the solutions that fit their needs without compromising patient safety. As with many Gore products, our life sciences solutions provide high value over time whether aiding healing and faster recovery time, improving patient comfort, resisting contamination, containing complex biologics, maintaining speedy processing times, or supporting analysis and development without disruptive errors or process issues.

What’s Next in the Life Sciences Industry?

Manufacturers and healthcare providers alike are facing the need to reduce costs without sacrificing safety, quality or reliability.

One cost-saving measure that Gore provides is a line of reliable and durable products designed to reduce processing time. The advanced materials we use in our products — particularly PTFE and ePTFE — provide features such as superior airflow and vapour release, low permeability barrier properties, high surface area and strength, among many others. These properties enable our products to perform effectively so customers are able to optimise performance and minimise risk. For instance, the GORE™ Protein Capture Device with Protein A is beneficial to drug development scientists because it enables rapid purification of mAbs with a combination of high dynamic binding capacity at short residence times.

Can your container survive this?
Protecting Drug Substance (DS) during cold chain handling, storage and transport

Our newest product, the GORE® STA-PURE™ Flexible Freeze Container, helps minimise the risk of losing valuable bulk drug substances during cold chain handling.

Contamination can also drive up costs by way of process upsets and unusable batches. Gore’s life sciences solutions are designed specifically for use in sterile environments. Again, our advanced materials contribute to our products’ contamination control. In addition to ePTFE being chemically inert and resistant to particulation and extreme temperatures, our products provide a reliable barrier to contaminants to keep life sciences processes sterile and pure.

The most reliable method of reducing costs is selecting products that deliver high value and performance. At Gore, we only release products which pass our rigorous set of internal tests and that we know will deliver value for our customers. When you select a Gore solution, you know you’ve made a monetary investment in high performance.

Collaboration in QC lab

All Gore products for life sciences use are manufactured specifically for use in medical or pharmaceutical settings.

Meeting Standards is Our Standard

All Gore products for life sciences are manufactured specifically for use in medical or pharmaceutical applications and comply with the regulatory requirements of our customers. Depending on those requirements, you will find products manufactured in a manner that adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), as defined in the Gore PharmBIO products quality system which is certified to ISO 13485 and ISO 15378.

A History of Healthcare Solutions

Gore has always looked for ways to improve lives through advanced materials. In 1970 we found a way to improve lives and even save them through life sciences.

That year Gore developed a life-saving vessel replacement for a patient suffering from a diseased portal vein. To date over 40 million Gore devices have been implanted including stents, sutures, endovascular and interventional devices and many more health solutions. Through Gore’s advanced materials expertise we’ve engineered our implantable medical devices to work in harmony with the body’s own tissues, leading to improved clinical outcomes and, in many cases, restored normal functioning.

Technician holding LYOGUARD Tray in cleanroom

GORE LYOGUARD Freeze-Drying Trays have helped pharmaceutical manufacturers improve processing for more than 15 years.

Gore entered the pharmaceutical and bioprocessing industry over 15 years ago with the introduction of the GORE® LYOGUARD® Freeze-Drying Tray, a single-use lyophilisation product which provides an effective barrier to contamination with a high moisture vapour transmission rate. Since then, we’ve developed single-use and multi-use products and process components to solve specific issues relative to pharmaceutical development and manufacturing.

For over 40 years, whether designing hearing aids, IV infusion filters or ostomy bags, medical device OEMs have relied on waterproof, breathable GORE® Microfiltration Media and components to provide quick pressure equalisation, help air elimination and preserve sound quality.

As the medical and pharmaceutical industries look toward improving clinical outcomes and developing increasingly complex therapeutics, Gore can be counted on to help advance progress with its unique expertise in materials science.