Advances in car lighting technology are enhancing the look and the functionality of automotive headlamps, rear lamps, fog lamps and accessory lamps. Today’s lighting designs focus on maintaining a distinctive brand image and reliable lamp performance while incorporating innovations — like LED matrix beam diodes — intended to improve road safety. These goals can be compromised by environmental challenges: Heating/cooling cycles or humidity — or even some plastic material used for car headlamps — can create condensation; pressure differentials can stress seals to failure; ingress of water, dust, debris, moisture or automotive fluids can degrade lens clarity or damage integrated electronics.      

GORE Automotive Vents protect lamp assemblies, to enhance component reliability and longevity:

  • Our vents effectively reduce condensation in headlamps through continuing moisture diffusion, both when the vehicle is moving and when it’s parked.
  • They reliably keep out rain, sleet, snow, dust, dirt and debris, and withstand automotive fluids, detergents and washing products.
  • These breather patches continuously equalize pressure imbalances, to protect housing integrity in automotive exterior lighting.

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Gore’s automotive adhesive vents for lighting are known for their reliability and durability: many millions have been installed globally. And all our adhesive vents are backed by technical support and testing centers in the US, Germany, Japan and China. Our application engineers are easily accessible — and ready to work in close partnership with your design team, from product concept through manufacturing integration.

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Why Vent?

GORE® Vents for automotive exterior lighting can offer significant advantages. For both ICE vehicles and battery-electric vehicles, adhesive vents from Gore can help you:

Icon of Gore fewer condensation events.

Reduce condensation

Minimize causes of condensation in headlamps with Gore’s diffusive condensation vent that works while vehicles are moving or parked. That’s especially important since the typical car is stationary more than 96 percent of the time!


Icon of Gore better ingress protection

Better ingress protection

Gore automotive lighting vents protect high-value lamp assemblies and integrated sensors and lamp electronics from ingress of performance-eroding contaminants like water, dust, dirt or automotive fluids.


Icon of Gore enhance seal integrity

Enhance seal integrity

Waterproof and breathable car lamps help to maintain seal integrity, for more reliable lamp performance over time. Whether the vehicle is moving or parked, our adhesive vents provide responsive, ongoing pressure equalization that prevents seal stress and can help avoid premature seal failure.

Icon of Gore improve design flexibility

Improve design flexibility

Ever-smaller housings and more densely-configured components require innovations in lighting and ventilation, including more effective venting performance in a smaller-footprint, low-profile format. Gore’s proprietary material technology offers that!

Find Your GORE Vent

GORE Automotive Vents are globally qualified for exterior headlamp, rear lamp, fog lamp and accessory lamp applications.  Available in multiple sizes and geometries, these automotive adhesive vents are easy to install using manual, semi-automated and automated processes.
Our venting technology focuses on using Gore's proprietary processes to modify ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene). This enables us to tailor each product's performance properties to the demands of a given application. Our breathable membrane for car lighting applications provides both hydrophobic and oleophobic protection, and all our vents provide a strong, durable silicone adhesive bond to the housing surface.

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What can we help you with today?

Image of red car headlamp

Headlamp vents

When headlamp lens clarity matters, get solutions to meet all your performance and protection needs.

Image of black car rear lamp

Rear lamp vents

When you need options for future-focused styling and packaging, find performance-wise solutions for both clear and colored lenses.

Image of green car accessory lamp

Accessory and fog lamp vents

When space-limited accessory and brand-emblem lighting create packaging challenges, choose more reliability in a smaller footprint.

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Founders Bill and Vieve Gore built this company around a commitment to create extraordinary value for our customers. Quality is a key part of that: at Gore, it means working closely with our customers to be sure the products we deliver meet expectations, and provide the right solution for a particular end-use. That’s a promise we stand behind…and one that assures you our vents will deliver reliable, reproducible performance, lot to lot, across global automotive platforms.

Globally Qualified

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This International Automotive Task Force (IATF) standard defines quality system requirements for use in the automotive supply chain. It’s based on ISO 9001:2015, as well as OEM customer-specific requirements.

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PPAP (Production Part Approval Process):

For Level 1, 2, 3 or 4 submissions, or waivers, our documentation is complete and concise to streamline your participation in this process.

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REACH-Compliant Products:

We have worked with our suppliers to eliminate PFOA from our supply chain. Our products meet the EU REACH regulations EU 1907/2006 and EU 1021/2019.

To initiate a PPAP, contact your Gore representative or Customer Support.

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