GORE® Foam Liner: Standard Series - Effective Protection for Your Typical Applications

New GORE® Foam Liner: Standard Series

A versatile solution for your "everyday" challenges.

GORE® Packaging Vents’ new Standard Series puts improved GORE™ Membrane technology in a full-surface foam liner construction. The Standard Series brings added versatility, economy and safety to a wide range of typical packaging applications, from household chemicals to fertilizers and pesticides.

GORE® Foam Liners Standard Series (3FL-323G)

GORE Foam Liners Standard Series (3FL-323G) is a versatile, economical solution for your typical or "everyday" applications … and a drop-in replacement that outperforms single-point and other liners.

Outperforms single-point liners

  • Full-surface construction means the whole diameter of the liner breathes, for much higher initial airflow and more responsive pressure equalization.
  • Also, unlike single-point vents, this large breathable area is not easily blocked by drops of liquid.
  • More reliable leak-resistance during transport and handling, due to improved Water Entry Pressure (WEP) resistance and competitive levels of Liquid Entry Pressure (LEP) resistance in most standard applications.

Easy and economical to integrate

  • Designed as drop-in replacements for single-point or unvented liners, without requiring cap modification.
  • Compatible with all flat-cap designs, the Standard Series effectively vents through the cap’s thread. Venting through an additional hole in the cap is no longer required (though it remains an option).
  • Versatile enough for a wide range of typical applications, to help streamline logistics and reduce inventory costs.


Enhance protection, productivity and savings

GORE Foam Liners’ new Standard Series has the reliable performance that translates to package integrity and safety all along the supply chain. As it can both outperform and replace single-point and unvented liners in all flat-cap designs, it can streamline your operations and costs. It’s a versatile solution for virtually all of your "everyday" packaging challenges.

The new GORE Foam Liner Standard Series (3FL-323G) is available as single-and multi-up roll goods, in various widths. Cut parts can also be offered.



GORE Foam Liner: Standard Series (3FL-323G)

Order Number CM700323G

Typical Application


Packaging Content

  • Household Chemicals
  • Agrochemicals
Product Performance Characteristics

Typical Airflow at dP = 12 mbar

0.4 l/h/cm2

Residual Airflow (after liquid contact)*

  • 40% measured with Gore Test Solution 1
    (viscosity 3.2 mPas)
  • 10% measured with Gore Test Solution 2
    (viscosity 9.6 mPas)

Water Entry Pressure (WEP)

> 1.4 bar

Liquid Entry Pressure (LEP)**

  • 1.4 bar with nitric acid (surface tension 41 mN/m)
  • 1.3 bar with n-Butyl-Acetate (surface tension 31 mN/m)
  • 0.0 bar with acetic acid (surface tension 27 mN/m)

Drop-Test Optimized



On lot level

Membrane / Liner Construction

ePTFE / PE foam


1.1 mm

Active Vent Area

Full Surface (Full diameter of liner)

Venting Method

Cap thread venting
(venting through hole in cap also possible)

Cap thread venting diagram

* We have tested the Standard Series with a wide range of fluids. Contact Gore if you would like to learn more about how different viscosities have a direct impact on Residual Airflow.

** We have LEP-tested the Standard Series with a wide range of fluids. Contact Gore if you would like to learn more about how liquids with different surface tensions have a direct impact on Liquid Entry Pressure.