Across industries and markets, manufacturers have a need to manage contamination. Telecommunications companies need to protect electronics from liquids and particles; pharmaceutical companies must keep their processes clean; and manufacturers of all kinds must keep mercury and other harmful chemicals contained — not only for their end users, but for our planet itself.

Now, with regulations becoming increasingly stringent, contamination control is an environmental, financial and legal must-have.

Gore’s filtration products help manufacturers separate the bad from the good. From high-volume industrial emissions abatement to processing ultrapure chemicals and water for microelectronics fabrication, our filtration technologies separate impurities and other harmful materials efficiently and reliably.

The materials science behind our filters can even boost productivity while potentially lowering costs. Our filtration products are constructed of advanced materials including expanded PTFE whose structure provides a balance of flow and retention. Because ePTFE is also chemically inert, durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures, our filters are reliable in harsh conditions, over time or when interacting with harmful chemicals. That means less downtime and greater yield.

Gore filtration products are used in a variety of applications, including electronics cabinets in cell phone towers, power generation, pharmaceutical and chemical processing, pulp and paper production, metals processing, and chlor-alkali applications.

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Particle and Gas Filtration for Industrial Processes & Bag Houses

Gore’s portfolio of particle and gas filtration solutions includes filter bags and cartridges for system optimized emission control in the chemicals, minerals, metals and energy industry. Its GORE® REMEDIA® Catalytic Filtration and GORE™ Mercury Control Systems provide a cost-effective solution for the efficient destruction of gaseous dioxins, furans in incinerators as well as elemental and oxidized mercury in gas streams of coal-fired boiler and cement plants.

Filtration Solutions for Life Sciences

Building on our foundation of filtration knowledge and expertise, we continue to develop novel solutions that incorporate our advanced ePTFE membranes to solve the rapidly changing needs of the life science industries and meet stringent quality requirements. Our products are designed to help solve many of the most challenging production issues like enabling improved airflow, increased yield, faster processing time and enhanced process security.

Filtration Solutions for Life Sciences

Microfiltration Solutions for Semiconductors, Microelectronics & Disk Drives

For manufacturers in the electronics industry, eliminating damaging contaminants is an essential part of the quality process. Over the decades, Gore filtration technology has helped manufacturers of semiconductors, microelectronics and disk drives achieve ever-higher levels of process integrity. Our liquid filtration and microfiltration solutions can improve process performance while reducing total process costs. 

Air Filtration for Gas Turbines and Outdoor Cabinets

Higher performance at lower total cost.

High-performance filtration is critical to the reliability of both gas turbine and outdoor electronic cooling systems. For both applications, Gore’s leading-edge materials technology provides a solution. Our proprietary membrane technology creates a high-efficiency, hydrophobic filter medium that delivers robust, reliable performance in the most challenging environments. Designed to repel the challenges of salt air, heavy pollutants and the most extreme temperatures, these filters simplify and reduce maintenance needs, for more cost-effective system operation.

Air Filtration for Gas Turbines and Outdoor Cabinets

Industrial fluids filtration

GORE™ Membrane Filter Sock and Tube assemblies provide excellent filtration efficiency and economical performance in high flow rate and/or high feed solids applications due to a combination of GORE™ membrane's unique properties and extensive application and manufacturing expertise. GORE™ membrane filter socks and GORE® filter tube assemblies are used in Kraft pulp mills, Chlor-Alkali plants and other process or wastewater filtration applications in chemical processing industries.