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Whistleblowing Privacy Notice First Page

La Política de Privacidad

Políticas / Declaraciones, 95.87 KB

Hemos creado una oficina de denuncia interna en nuestra empresa conforme con la Directiva “Whistleblowing” de la UE, relativa a la protección de las personas que informen sobre infracciones del Derecho de la Unión. La Política de Privacidad sobre la denuncia de irregularidades describe como W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. y sus empresas filiales procesan la información personal relativa al “Whistleblowing”. 

Whistleblowing Privacy Notice First Page

Notre politique de confidentialité

Politiques / Déclarations, 93.48 KB

Nous avons mis en place un bureau de signalement interne conformément à la Directive de l’Union Européenne sur la protection des lanceurs d'alerte. Notre politique de confidentialité décrit comment W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. et ses filiales traitent les informations personnelles concernant les lanceurs d'alerte. 

Whistleblowing Privacy Notice First Page

L’ informativa “Whistleblowing”

Politiche aziendali / Dichiarazioni, 119.01 KB

Abbiamo istituito un canale interno di segnalazione conforme la Direttiva UE sulla protezione delle persone che segnalano violazioni del diritto dell'Unione e sulla protezione delle persone che segnalano violazioni delle normative nazionali (“Whistleblowing”). L’ informativa “Whistleblowing” descrive la modalità di trattamento delle informazioni personali soggette alle leggi applicabili da parte di W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. e delle sue societá affiliate. 

Whistleblowing Privacy Notice First Page

Datenschutzhinweise für Whistleblowing

Richtlinien / Bestimmungen, 94.22 KB

In Übereinstimmung mit der EU-Richtlinie zum Schutz von Whistleblowern haben wir in unserem Unternehmen eine interne Meldestelle eingerichtet. Die Gore Datenschutzhinweise für Whistleblowing beschreiben, wie W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. und seine Tochtergesellschaften und verbundene Unternehmen personenbezogene Daten im Zusammenhang mit Whistleblowing verarbeiten. 

Whitepaper: Reducing LCOH with advanced Proton Exchange Membranes

This study set out to investigate the impact of PEM design on the LCOH for three distinct use cases: dedicated hydrogen production powered by nuclear, a green hydrogen production plant powered by offshore wind, and a local hydrogen production hub powered by a photovoltaic system. The GORE® PEM M275.80 was compared against both a state-of-the-art comparable market product and alkaline electrolysis, and found to be superior in all three use cases — offering the lowest LCOH thanks to its high cell efficiency.

Data Sheet Thumbnail

Gore’s acoustic membrane vents provide consistent high-quality sound, in styles and configurations designed to meet the full range of ingress protection standards, from dust applications to deep immersion applications.

Installing Gore’s High-Speed Ethernet Interconnect

Designers are learning that standard commercial Ethernet connectors and cables aren’t adequate in harsh aerospace conditions. W. L. Gore & Associates evaluates the top considerations designers must make when designing the right Ethernet interconnect and ensuring reliable high-speed data transmission.

Phase Stability, Loss Stability and Shielding Effectiveness White Paper

When it comes to long-length microwave coaxial assemblies, their phase/loss stability and repeatability, as well as shielding effectiveness, have historically not been well documented. This is largely due to the low demand for these types of assemblies and lack of standardized testing procedures. Published by W. L. Gore & Associates, White Paper: Phase Stability, Loss Stability and Shielding Effectiveness of Long Length provides some much-needed insights into this type of equipment to help operators, engineers and manufacturers find the right extended-length solutions.

Proving Installed Performance of Airframe Microwave Assemblies

When choosing military aircraft components, lasting performance is always a top consideration. Yet while many cables perform dependably prior to installation, the challenges of routing leave them damaged and ill-prepared for the rigors of the aircraft’s flight envelope. That’s why W. L. Gore & Associates developed an installation simulator to prove their microwave assemblies delivered the same reliability before and after installation.

Improving Cables Performance in Harsh Environments thumbnail

W. L. Gore & Associates examines constraints that may have an impact on cable performance. Also examined is the process involved in selecting the right materials based on sufficient testing to verify cables will survive and perform reliably in the harshest environments.