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High Performance Aerospace Wires for Defense Aircraft

GORE® High Performance Aerospace Wires for Defense Aircraft

For future aircraft electrification needs, our GWN3000 Series offers the best combination of superior mechanical strength and outstanding electrical reliability for optimal system performance over time. They’re proven to reduce wire bundle size and weight, increase aircraft availability, improve safety, and reduce total costs. 

GORE-FLIGHT Microwave Assemblies for Military Aircraft

GORE-FLIGHT Microwave Assemblies for Military Aircraft

Lightweight, flexible airframe assemblies from Gore improve all aspects of protection and performance ensuring mission-critical success after installation, during use and over time. We offer two rugged series that deliver proven performance in the most demanding aerospace conditions for less downtime and reduced total cost of ownership.

Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber Optic Cables for Military Aircraft

Gore has packaged standard fiber optic cables in a unique construction that improves all aspects of performance to meet ever-increasing data needs. With an exceptional balance of properties, our cables deliver improved reliability and extended service life without sacrificing size or weight.

Microwave / RF Assemblies, 7 Series

GORE® Microwave / RF Assemblies, 7 Series for Military Aircraft

Gore’s durable assemblies are designed particularly to keep out water, vapor, fuel and other hazardous contaminants that can severely compromise critical mission systems. With a smaller, more flexible construction, our assemblies are proven to provide exceptional mechanical protection and electrical performance unmatched by standard rigid assemblies.

GORE Hook-up Wire

GORE® Hook-up Wire for Military Aircraft

Engineered with specialized insulation materials, Gore’s wires deliver reliable electrical and mechanical performance in demanding aerospace environments, including extreme temperatures and rigorous installation. Whether your function is power or signal, our hook-up wires provide added durability in a small, lightweight and flexible package while meeting stringent military specifications.

CAN Bus Cables for Military Aircraft

GORE™ Aerospace CAN Bus Cables for Military Aircraft

Gore's controlled-impedance cables meet the defense sector's continuing need for higher data rate aircraft cables in a compact, lightweight and flexible footprint. Our durable cables ensure electrical and mechanical integrity in the most rigorous aerospace conditions giving flight crews a decisive edge and the confidence that avionics transmitting vital data won't fail during critical missions.

DVI Cables (Digital Only) for Defense Aircraft

GORE DVI Cables (Digital Only) for Defense Aircraft

Single-link cables from Gore are built purposely for the digital component of airborne DVI systems and fit effortlessly into standard hardness designs. Our cables stream high-speed data and video, support high-resolution aircraft displays, meet stringent requirements, and perform reliably in grueling aircraft conditions. 

Microwave/RF Assemblies for Military Aircraft

Microwave/RF Assemblies for Military Aircraft

Gore offers interconnects operating up to extremely high frequencies (EHF) that are proven to deliver exceptional electrical performance long after installation. With high flexibility in a compact and durable design, they can easily survive complex routing without breaking or failing for less aircraft downtime and total costs to the military.

Aerospace FireWire® Cables, 1394b for Military Applications

Aerospace FireWire® Cables, 1394b for Military Applications

Gore’s cables provide high-fidelity signal links in a small, lightweight and highly flexible quad design compared to conventional constructions. Our mechanically strong cables meet the industry’s increasing data needs by maximizing performance and protection in the most demanding military surroundings.

Aerospace USB Cables for Military Applications

USB Cables for Military Aircraft

Gore’s 2.0 and 3.1 versions deliver solid signal integrity for content uploads and downloads while supporting the latest power management systems. Our sturdy cable bundles last a lifetime in tough military environments while continuing to meet the industry’s need for higher data rates in sophisticated avionics.