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Stripping Blades

Stripping Blades (Finished Wires)

Specifically designed to fit the Custom Stripmaster® and Custom Stripmaster® Lite Wire Strippers by Ideal Industries, Inc., Gore’s Stripping Blades for finished wires fit a number of GORE® Cables for the precise stripping of insulation materials.

LVDS Interconnects

Space Cables and Assemblies: LVDS Interconnects

Space mission success depends on spacecraft systems being able to continuously transmit data. GORE® LVDS Interconnects deliver outstanding signal integrity, reduced time delay and minimized interference to ensure data is reliably captured and communicated.


Space Cables and Assemblies: Datalines

Dans les environnements difficiles d'un vol spatial, les câbles doivent résister à des conditions extrêmes susceptibles d'affecter leur capacité à transmettre des données. Les câbles spatiaux Gore destinés à l’échange des données, combinent performance électrique et robustesse mécanique pour permettre une transmission fiable des signaux pour toute la durée de la mission dans les environnements les plus sévères.

PTFE Hook-up Wire

PTFE Hook-up Wire

Engineered with specialized insulation materials, Gore’s wires deliver reliable electrical and mechanical performance in demanding aerospace environments including extreme temperatures and rigorous installation. Whether your function is power or signal, our PTFE hook-up wires provide added durability in a small, lightweight and flexible package while meeting stringent civil and military specifications.

MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-up Wire

MIL-W-81822/1A Hook-up Wire

Gore’s thin-wall technology provides greater abrasion and cut-through resistance for outstanding mechanical protection in harsh aerospace conditions. Whether your function is power or signal, our MIL-W-81822/1A hook-up wires deliver excellent electrical and mechanical performance in a small, lightweight and flexible package that meets or exceeds civil and military specification requirements.

Type SPM for LEO Applications

Type SPM for LEO Applications

GORE Space Cables, Type SPM for low Earth orbit (LEO) applications help integration teams stay on schedule and avoid costly downtime. These cables are particularly well-suited for use in satellites, manned space missions and transport vehicles, and are listed on the ESA Qualified Parts List.

Coaxial Cable, Optimized RG Series - Military Aerospace

Gore’s cables deliver enhanced electrical performance with lower attenuation and reliable mechanical performance in demanding aerospace environments.

Microwave/RF Assemblies for Military Aircraft

Microwave/RF Assemblies for Military Aircraft

Gore offers interconnects operating up to extremely high frequencies (EHF) that are proven to deliver exceptional electrical performance long after installation. With high flexibility in a compact and durable design, they can easily survive complex routing without breaking or failing for less aircraft downtime and total costs to the military.

Microwave Sealed Airframe Assemblies, 7 Series

Microwave Sealed Airframe Assemblies, 7 Series

With superior electrical performance, Gore’s durable assemblies are engineered specifically to prevent the ingress of water vapor, jet fuel and other contaminants commonly found in aerospace environments.