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GORE Lufteinlassfilter in Gasturbinen

GORE® Turbine Filters for Air Inlet Filtration

Upgrading to GORE Turbine Filters with E12 hydrophobic HEPA technology has provided enormous value to rotating equipment users.

GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials

GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials

Proven by more than 20 years of successful applications, Gore’s tapes and gaskets solve many sealing and surface protection challenges in civil and military aircraft. Our lightweight, no-cure materials are often used as an alternative to Form-In-Place (FIP) seals because they simplify aircraft assembly with seals that can withstand multiple open-close cycles for reduced life-cycle costs.

 GORE Microfiltration Media for Medical Devices

GORE® Microfiltration Media for Medical Devices

Patients and caregivers rely on their medical equipment to perform reliably and safely every time. Medical device designers and manufacturers have trusted Gore to deliver ePTFE membrane solutions to vent and protect sensitive equipment for over 35 years.